Creating Chat Templates

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A chat template is a canned response i.e. a pre-written quick reply to common questions that you can use to save time while responding to a live chat.

Whenever you’re added to a Hiver chat inbox, a menu option “Chat templates” also appears in the left-side panel of Gmail.

To create chat templates:

  1. Click on “Chat templates” option in the left-side menu panel of Gmail.
  2. You will see a list of existing chat templates (if any).
  3. To create a new chat template, click on “Create chat template” button (highlighted in blue) on the right corner of the screen.
  4. A new dialogue box will appear. Fill in the fields for -
    1. “Template name”: a name that you can use to differentiate between
    2. “Content”: the text of the canned response
  5. Finish by clicking the “Create template” button. You will now see your new template added to the list of chat templates.

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Editing/Deleting Chat Templates


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